The designer's parts


List of addable items from left to right:

  • Text: add a text area.

  • Image: add image area.

  • Video: add video area

  • Shape: add shapes.

  • Clock: add date and/or time.

  • Iframe: add a web navigation area.

  • GSlides: add GSlides.

  • QrCode: add QrCode.

  • Graphics: add automatically generated graphics.


List of property tabs from left to right:

  • Value: to manage the type of content (Fixed, Parameter, Data source) and the visibility.

  • Appearance: to manage the appearance of the layer according to its type (e.g. for the text type: font size, alignment, color...).

  • Animation: to add an input and/or output animation.

  • Interactivated: to set a touch interactivity with the layer (e.g. open a link or call a webhook).

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