Connect RSS feeds, databases, Google Sheets, Excel, or CSV files. Data is updated automatically.

Video example with an Excel data source:

Step 1 - Connect a data source to DynamicScreen

To start, you will need to connect a data source to DynamicScreen and then use it in the Designer.

You can read the following documentation to find out how to do this:

Step 2 - Data formatting

Create zones according to the data you want to put in (Text, image, video...).

Then go to the Properties section and choose the type of content Data source:

Select the data source, the data view (if needed) and the column you want to link to this field.

Pagination (which you can enable or disable) allows you to distribute multiple rows from the data source.

When you add the template to your playlist you can choose the number of pages you want to display. Each page of this template will represent the following line in the data source:

The result of the broadcast:

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Step 3 - Broadcast the template

To broadcast the template, go to the playlist of your choice and click on Add content :

Click on Template:

Select the template from the drop-down list, and define the number of pages you want to distribute:

Click on Save.

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