Screen Soc: professional screen which embark a player of diffusion.

Player: Mini-computer connected behind the monitor to broadcast the digital signage software.

To deploy DynamicSceen you need either a player with a screen or a soc screen.

You already have a screen soc or a player

You can check if it is present in the following list:

If it is compatible you can go directly to this step.

If it is not, you can contact us directly from the chat:

You don't have a soc screen or a player yet

Step 1 : Identify the operating system

Our solution is compatible with Chrome OS, Windows, Samsung SSSP, Android or Android TV. However, the features may vary depending on the operating system.

You must therefore make the right choice according to your project.

To do this, consult the comparison.

Step 2: Identify compatible hardware

Once you have chosen the operating system, you need to select the hardware you will use.

For this you can consult the list of recommended hardware according to your operating system:

Step 3: Install DynamicScreen

Once you have chosen the hardware, follow the installation documentation:

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