With a simple screen in front of your meeting room, optimize the space of your buildings and increase the productivity of your teams.

To use this feature, you will need to use the Comeen solution in addition to DynamicScreen.

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If you are already a DynamicScreen and Comeen customer, you have to start by configuring the Comeen part.

Go to your DynamicScreen area.

Go to the Settings tab and then to Accounts and click on Connect an account :

Enter the name you want and select Comeen :

Sign in with your Comeen account:

Then click on Authorize.

Set access rights to define who can use your account:

Once your account is logged in, go to the playlist tab and create a new playlist.

Once the playlist is created, click on Add Content and on Comeen Rooms :

Activate or not the different options:

If you enable the "Authentication required for booking", when a user wants to book the meeting room a qrcode is shown on the screen :

Then choose your meeting room screens as target screens:

Remote Configuration

Go to the Screens tab and click on the screen you want to configure.

Click on Metadata > New Metadata :

Add comeen::meeting_room for the name of the metadata.

For the value, go to Comeen and the meeting room you want to link to the screen. Copy the number at the end of the url:

Configuration directly from the screen

Go to your screen and follow the configuration steps:

Your screen is ready:

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