Comeen Play allows you to connect your Google account and to broadcast content directly from your Google Drive.
In just a few clicks, you can synchronise your Google Drive account with Comeen Play and start importing contents from it such as videos, images, PDF, etc.

One of the interest of this method is that when a content of your Google Drive is updated, it is automatically updated on Comeen Play.

For example, let's say you upload the first version of a video on your Drive to broadcast it on Comeen Play. But then you have to make changes on this video which replaces the first version by a second version of that video. No worries, Comeen Play will automatically adjust and broadcast the latest version.

First step - How to connect your Google account to Comeen Play:

Now that you have connected your Google Account with Comeen Play you are able to import and broadcast your Google Drive contents directly on our signage solution.

To do so:

Click on the playlist you want to add a Google Drive content in and click on the button "Add content".

Select a type of content such as Image, Video or PDF.

Select the option "Add from Google Drive" then click on the button "Add from Google Drive" below.

In this example we will import a video from Google Drive.

A Google Drive window appears from which you can search and select your content.
Click on the video you want to import then click on the button "Select".

Make sure you selected the right video and settings then click on "Save".

You just added a Google Drive content to your playlist.

Now if you replace that content by a newer one in your Google Drive, it will be automatically updated in Comeen Play.

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