If you use Google Workspace in your enterprise, you probably know Google Meet Hardware.

Google Meet hardware is a hardware package needed in order to convert a meeting room in a Google Meet meeting room.

While you're using you're room for a meeting, the main screen is used to broadcast other participants camera and screen sharing.

When you're not using the meeting room, the screen is only used to broadcast upcoming meetings:

Google Workpsace team announced that you can now use your Google Meet hardware-connected displays as digital signage.

This is a good news but the best news is that DynamicScreen is compatible with this feature!

In order to set-up your Google Meet hardware as a signage screen, first go to your DynamicScreen user space in the Settings tab and copy the Auto association Url:

Then login to the Google Admin console and navigate to Devices > Google Meet hardware > Settings tab.

Select the Device settings section:

Then, select the Organizational Units where are listed yours Google Meet hardware and click on Screen saver section:

To set-up DynamicScreen as a screen saver:

  1. On the Content settings select Custom and paste the previously copied URL from DynamicScreen,

  2. Set the Start after this many minutes of inactivity setting, meaning: after how many minutes DynamicScreen should be launched automatically,

  3. Finally, set the Show the Meet home screen this many minutes before the next meeting setting, meaning: DynamicScreen will be stopped automatically X minutes before the next meeting.

Click on Save.

Go back to DynamicScreen dashboard, in the Display tab. As soon as a Google Meet hardware will launch DynamicScreen for the first time (meaning: when the Google Meet hardware won't be used for the first time, after the modifications has been done int he Google Admin console), a screen will be created and automatically associated to your DynamicScreen user space:

The screen is taking a random name since we have no way of identifying the Google Meet hardware.

In order to identify the screen and rename it, you can go to the room and see the name that is broadcasting in order to rename it inside DynamicScreen user space:

You can now have a wonderful experience in your meeting rooms! 🔥

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