In DynamicScreen, you have two options to distribute a Excel:

  • Import from OneDrive/SharePoint: Allows you to import your Excel directly from your OneDrive/SharePoint. When it is modified from OneDrive it will automatically update on DynamicScreen.

    To use this option you will need to connect your Microsoft account.

  • Add from DynamicScreen Library: Allows you to import your Excel files into the DynamicScreen library and distribute them as static content.

You will find the Excel content in the content list when you click on "Add content" in your playlist:

First Option Import from OneDrive/SharePoint

1.Select "Import from OneDrive/SharePoint".

2.Select your account. Be careful this account must have access to the OneDrive file you are going to select.

3.Click on "Add from OneDrive/SharePoint".

Select your Excel and click on Open :

Click on "Save".

Second Option Add from Library

1.Select "Add from Library".

2.Then click on "Choose from the Library".

Click on the folder of your choice and select your Excel from the list of files or click on "Submit files":

Click on "Choose".

Click on "Save".

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