Before you can use your ChromeOS player, you need to prepare the Google domain on which you are going to embed it.

Indeed, each ChromeOS player is linked to a Google domain so that you can monitor it and administer the various settings remotely from the Google Admin console.

Create an Organisation Unit

You will have to create a OU dedicated to the dynamic display Chromeboxes. This OU will be set in Kiosk mode to automatically launch the DynamicScreen application when the player is booted.

Kiosk mode setup

In your Admin console, go to Devices > Chrome > App and Extensions > Kiosk (direct url:

Select the organizational unit created above.

Click on the "+" button at the bottom right

Select "Add from Chrome Web Store"

Search "DynamicScreen" then click on "Select"

Then set this application to automatic launch mode:


Chromeboxes enrolled in this organizational unit will now launch the DynamicScreen application in kiosk mode!

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