To optimize your communication, RemoteBoard allows you to track the number of clicks on your different links.

Each link is associated with one or more tags.

You can reuse a tag on several links.

Define the tags of a link

In the designer, select your object (1) and go to the "Interactive mode" tab (2).

If you have chosen the action "Open a link", you will be able to fill in the text field "Analytical tag" (3).

Separate each tag with a space.

In this example we have 2 tags:



The twitter tag is specific to this button, but the socialnetworks tag will be used on each social network button. This way we can have an overview of the clicks on the social network buttons.

Display the statistics

Go to the "Statistics" tab of your RemoteBoard module.

You can see the number of clicks on each tag today, this week and this month.

Download statistics

Click on the top right button "Export CSV" to download all the statistics history.

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