Requirements :

  • Keyboard/Mouse

  • Internet connection (via ethernet if possible)

Plug the keyboard, mouse, and Chromebox into a power outlet. You arrive on this screen.

Select the language

Click on the Nederlands or English button to change the language.

On the next screen, click on the 2 drop-down menus to choose "English" and "English".

Click on Ok ans Next.

Network Connection

On the network connection screen, click Next (or select the wifi network if applicable).

Terms of Use

Agree to the ChromeOS Terms of Service.


When you arrive on the login screen, do not authenticate yourself right away!

Click on "Company Registration" or use the key combination "CTRL + ALT + E".

Make sure the title "Company Registration" appears.

Enter the email and password of the technical account for the association (specific to your company, usually provided by your IT department).

If you are using our Google domain, enter the credentials we provided.

Click OK, the DynamicScreen application will now launch!

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