Installation on a Samsung screen

Minimum Compatibility

DynamicScreen is compatible with SSSP6 and higher.

Installing DynamicScreen

To start the configuration press the "HOME" button on your remote control.

Go to the "System" tab.

  1. Select "Start configuration":

2. Select screen lang.

3. Select screen orientation

4. Select “Stop” :

5. Configure the wifi or wired connection.

6. Select "Launch URL":

7. Enter the URL of DynamicScreen :

8. Connect to RM server : Ignore

9. Fill in the date and time.

Warning: The time and date on the screen must be correct!

Automatic launch

To have your screen automatically restart on DynamicScreen, you must:

Select: System > Auto Source Change.

Auto source change > Preset input.

Then :

Secondary Source > MagicInfo S/Launch Url.

From now on, when the screen is turned on, the DynamicScreen application will automatically launch.

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