Prerequisites :

  • Keyboard/Mouse

  • Internet connection

The preparation, flash and configuration of the Windows system image remains the responsibility of the integrator, in particular for the deactivation of popups and Windows updates.

1. Download the application

Go to and download the latest version of the application.

2. Install the application you have just downloaded.

Usually these two steps are enough, but in some specific cases you might need the following steps:

3. Automatic start

In most cases, the application will automatically register itself for automatic start.

However, if you have changed some system settings this may not be the case. Please refer to the documentation of your system image (e.g. Start folder to use).

4. Sleep mode

Be sure to enable automatic screen standby in the system settings to allow DynamicScreen to remotely manage standby times.

5. Display size

By default, the window is displayed in full screen. In some cases (notably LED screens) you can change the display size using the keyboard shortcuts CTRL + S (List of keyboard shortcuts), in which case you will have to enter the following parameters in pixel :

  1. The X position

  2. The Y position

  3. The width

  4. The height

The shortcut CTRL + F allows you to switch back to full screen.

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