Go to the playlist of your choice and click on "Add content":

Select content "Kiosk":

You arrive then on the creation interface of your kiosk.

You can start by choosing your background image:

1. Click on "Choose from the library" :

2. Choose your image and click on "Choose" :

You can then add your categories:

1. Click on "Add Category" :

2. Customize your category by choosing the icon, name and color.

Exemple du rendu d'une catégorie

Important: Here you have two choices:

Files: Allows you to select items from your library

Websites: Allows you to embed web links

3. Click on "Next"

4.a If you have chosen the Files type, choose the folder(s) you want to link to the category.

4.b If you have chosen the type Websites, choose the icon, the name and the url of the website:

5. Click on "Create"

6. You will find your category in the list of "Existing Categories" :

7. You can click on a category at any time to modify it.

Once your categories are added, click on "Save".

Example of final display:

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