By default, the texts, images and videos added are static: each time the Template is added in a Playlist, the display will be the same.

If you want to create the overarching design and customize certain elements of the design for each release, content settings are the way to go.

In this example, several elements are customizable: the employee's photo and the welcome message. The rest, the company logo, the background, the title but also the size, the color and the font of the elements are fixed.

To make an item customizable, choose Content Settings instead of Fixed Value:

This will give a recognizable title for this property as well as an example value to help future users.

These content parameters are valid for texts, images, videos, QrCode, Url and GSlides!

From now on, when you add this Template to a Playlist, the Content Parameter items can be modified (and the modifications will apply only in this instance of the Template).

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