Create and display inspiring content for your employees and customers.

The designer is an integrated tool in DynamicScreen allowing you to create content directly from the platform.

Here is the list of the different features you will find in the designer:

Fixed Template

Imagine and create your own visuals to make your brand image consistent, pixel by pixel. Texts, logos, videos, shapes, QR codes...

The customization possibilities are endless.

Customizable template

You can also create reusable templates to allow other users to broadcast their messages while respecting the company's graphic charter.

Connected Template

Connect your tools and display your data in real time.

Create and display charts on your screens. Connect RSS feeds, databases, Google Sheets, Excel, or CSV files. Data is updated automatically.

Template library

The template library allows you not to start from a blank page.

An important company announcement? The follow-up of monthly objectives? The arrival of a new employee? There's a template for that.

Screen masks

The screen mask allows you to split and organize content into multiple areas.

For example, you can display a dashboard, the calendar of upcoming meetings and recent Tweets on the same screen.

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