Duration of the procedure: 2 minutes

This document presents the different parameters to integrate ChromeOS hardware (AOpen, Asus, Acer) into your network.

Network configuration at startup


  • Connect a keyboard and mouse to the USB ports on the front of the player

Turn off and start the player, when the DynamicScreen application logo appears (picture below) do the CTRL + ALT + S key combination (the letter S and not the Delete key) on the keyboard connected to the player.

You are now on the Chrome OS login page. 

🚨 Do not connect with this form!

The menu at the bottom right will allow you to select the available wifi or ethernet networks. You can then select the different parameters described in the next section.

Now restart the player using the menu button (or by long pressing the blue physical button on the front panel).

You can now start the player, it will automatically connect via the configured network.

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