DynamicScreen is the smart digital signage software that allows you to deliver the right message at the right time.

What to do with DynamicScreen?

If your company has screens you can:

  • Broadcast image and video

  • Display real-time content such as Twitter, Instagram, upcoming public transit passages etc....

  • Contextualize your content according to the weather, the number of people in the store, your stock, etc...

  • Issue an alert in case of fire or intrusion

  • Connect your business data

And much more, all in a simple and intuitive interface!

Why use DynamicScreen?

  • A simple interface that requires no training to get started

  • An update of its content in real time

  • Advanced features without losing the ease of use

  • A responsive and caring support

Who uses DynamicScreen?

  • Retails stores that want to increase the impact of their campaigns by contextualizing the broadcast message

  • Corporates that want to improve the information provided to their employees and involve them in the company

  • Factories and warehouses that optimize logistics flows and production chains with DynamicScreen

  • Businesses that want to replace paper display with a digital display that is updated much more regularly

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