Digital signage

"Replace paper posters with a screen"

These are all the screens found in stores, on the street, in offices, etc... that allow "non-static" content (image, video, real-time content) to be broadcast.

Digital signage consists of 3 elements: the monitor, the player and the digital signage software.

This is the web application displayed in fullscreen on customers' screens. It is this application that distributes the contents of the playlists.

DynamicScreen space

This is your space, on which you will be able to manage your playlists and screens.


Companies specialized in the installation and maintenance of audiovisual and computer equipment.

Digital signage software

Software allowing to manage the content broadcast on a screen fleet. DynamicScreen falls l

Un moniteur d'affichage dynamique est un écran professionnel conçu pour être allumé longtemps (de 7h par jour à 24h/24h).


Minicomputer connected behind the monitor to broadcast the digital signage software.

Some monitors have an integrated system that acts as a player, so they do not require an external player.

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